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1/15 - may provide free suitability questions to current and regular series 7 students of Series 7 Exam Tutor

11/11 - FINRA raises the minimum passing score on the Series 7 Exam to 72% from 70%. Series 7 Training can help you try to pass this exam!

11/11 - FINRA revises the Series 7 Outline. It now even more important to implement a comprehensive series 7 training approach. 

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Series 7 Training is your source for how to get information about training for the series 7 exam.  Series 7 training involves a comprehensive study program that includes a variety of components which are outlined below:

1. Download a copy a FINRA's series 7 content outline to get a comprehensive list of what topics to expect on the exam. 

2, The next step is to obtain series 7 training materials from a reputable educational services company. We consider Pass Perfect to be the best among the group of Series 7 Training companies. We specifically recommend their Smart 7 program

3.  Also important to your series 7 training is to review original materials from sources such as the SEC, FINRA, the MSRB and the CBOE.

4. You might consider obtaining the services of a series 7 tutor to help guide you through the series 7 training process. This is especially important if you: don't have a financial background, your job depends on passing the test, or if you have not taken a test in a long time. Don't work with just any series 7 tutor.  Your tutor should be focused on helping people with licensing exams. In addition, your tutor should have substantial investment experience. 

5. While going through the series 7 training process, you also might want to consider taking your own notes. Taking notes helps keep you focused on the materials.

6. During the series 7 training process, you should also work on test taking strategies.  Eliminating wrong choices is sometimes just as important as selecting what you think is the correct choice. As you get further along in the series 7 training process, the additional knowledge that you will acquire will enable you to eliminate more and more wrong choices.

7. Don't rely entirely on practice questions. Memorizing answers to prep provider questions will not help you pass the exam. You MUST read the series 7 training manual. You probably should read the series 7 training manual twice.

A comprehensive Series 7 Training approach is essential

Series 7 Training

Series 7 Training

by Michael Weiss, CFA on 01/04/13

The series 7 exam can be very difficult for someone without any investment experience. Furthermore, many people who take the series 7 exam come from other industries. Naturally, these people have NO investment experience. I typically call these people career changers.  The series 7 exam will be especially difficult for these people but with sufficient series 7 training, a passing score is possible, provided that one's firm allows ample time to study and provides you with quality study materials.  Since most career changers have not taken a test in many years, it is essential for them to develop a comprehensive study plan for the series 7 exam, which would include including find a tutor with substantial investment experience who is focused on helping people with licensing exams.