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10/17 - Series 7 Training now written 1000 questions with over 350 of them related to suitability.  When we dedicate a session to suitability, we often distribute 150 of these questions. To see examples of suitability questions, you can click on the following link:

1/15 - may provide free suitability questions to current and regular series 7 students of Series 7 Exam Tutor.  

11/11 - FINRA raises the minimum passing score on the Series 7 Exam to 72% from 70%. Series 7 Training can help you try to pass this exam!

11/11 - FINRA revises the Series 7 Outline. It now even more important to implement a comprehensive series 7 training approach. 

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Series 7 Training is your source for how to get information about training for the series 7 exam.  Series 7 training involves a comprehensive study program that includes a variety of components which are outlined below:

1. Download a copy a FINRA's series 7 content outline to get a comprehensive list of what topics to expect on the exam. 

2, The next step is to obtain series 7 training materials from a reputable educational services company. We consider Pass Perfect to be the best among the group of Series 7 Training companies. We specifically recommend their Smart 7 program

3.  Also important to your series 7 training is to review original materials from sources such as the SEC, FINRA, the MSRB and the CBOE.

4. You might consider obtaining the services of a Series 7 Tutor to help guide you through the series 7 training process. 

5. In addition to working with a Series 7 Tutor,  you also might want to consider taking your own notes. Taking notes helps keep you focused on the materials.

6. During the series 7 training process, you should also work on test taking strategies.  

7. You MUST read the series 7 training manual. You probably should read the series 7 training manual twice. Do not rely only on practice questions. 

8. Also, Look for creative ways to study by listening to podcasts such as:

9.The most topic on the series 7 top off exam is suitability and is would be a good idea to get some extra suitability questions

10. As of October 1, 2018, you can only be registered with the Series 7 Exam if you have also passed the SIE exam.  To learn more about the SIE Exam and to work with a SIE Exam Tutor, you can visit

or visit its Facebook page at

A comprehensive Series 7 Training approach is essential

Series 7 Training

Series 7 Training

by Michael Weiss, CFA on 01/04/13

The series 7 exam can be very difficult for someone without any investment experience. Furthermore, many people who take the series 7 exam come from other industries. Naturally, these people have NO investment experience. I typically call these people career changers.  The series 7 exam will be especially difficult for these people but with sufficient series 7 training, a passing score is possible, provided that one's firm allows ample time to study and provides you with quality study materials.  Since most career changers have not taken a test in many years, it is essential for them to develop a comprehensive study plan for the series 7 exam, which would include including find a tutor with substantial investment experience who is focused on helping people with licensing exams.

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