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As you may or may not know I help students with exams. Over the years, prep providers rise and fall in popularity. At one time, Fire Solutions was a popular choice among test takers. Tbh, I am not really sure what happened to them.

More recently, Achievable has become an increasingly popular choice in the test prep industry. There are many reasons for their success. The main reason is that they have very good products that seem to be more user friendly than the materials from other prep providers. Another reason would be that their materials are more engaging than those of the other major prep providers.  Textbooks in general, tend to be kind of boring but Achievable has found a way to make reading the book more interesting

Another reason they have become more popular is their SEO strategy is very effective. They give away quite a bit of free content online. and it ranks high in Google. They have also formed relationships with colleges. I did not even know about this until a student of mine said their professor is using their product for a test prep class. Finally, they get another boost from social media sites like Reddit, Youtube and Facebook. All of this makes sense when considering that the owners have degrees from Carnegie Mellon, which is known for technology


Regarding the quality of their content, it is terrific. Brandon Rith, a fomer Fidelity exam trainer, writes the content. I am pretty sure Fidelity has high standards for hiring people. Not only is the content user friendly, but the content in their textbook is accurate. I know that content should be correct but after working in this prep industry since 2011, I have seen some head scratching content.

To get a discount on Achievable's products for the SIE Exam, the Series 7 Exam or for other FINRA/NASAA exams, you can use the following link

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